Preparatory Program in Pedagogy


The program aims to produce primary and secondary school teachers with the ability to:

  • take account of the students’ physical and psychical capabilities and interests corresponding to their age;
  • acquire and keep information and together with the students choose the most appropriate ways of teaching;
  • focus on the quality education
  • create a proper learning atmosphere in class;
  • get involved in improving teaching methods and quality of delivering knowledge to students, as well as to integrate theory into teaching practice.

In the case of focusing on the teacher preparation educational program, the graduates will:

  • be able to offer students educational experience enabling them to perceive the subject;
  • be able to comprehend Georgia’s educational policy, its structure and main legal acts;
  • know the stages and procedures to pass through before becoming a teacher;
  • know main issues of age-related psychology;
  • know educational theories and methods;
  • offer an educational environment helping students engage in the learning process, gain knowledge and develop social skills;
  • apply different teaching strategies to develop students’ critical reasoning skills, problem solving and detection.
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