New Aphid Species Described by Professor at ISU Institute of Zoology


ISU Professor Shalva Barjadze, a researcher at ISU Institute of Zoology, together with his colleagues Andrew S. Jensen from USA and Mariusz Kanturski from Poland, described a new species of aphid, Ericaphis voegtlini sp. n. based on apterous and alate viviparous parthenogenetic females. Living on a plant Chamaebatia foliolosa (Rosaceae) in California, Ericaphis voegtlini sp. n. differs from all other species of genus Ericaphis Börner, 1939 by very long and rigid dorsal setae and distinctly swollen siphunculi with clearly visible polygonal reticulation. The new aphid species is presumably endemic to California, as is its host plant.

The Article was published in a high impact journal ZooKeys.

The article is available here.

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