Institute of Linguistic Studies


The Institute of Linguistic Studies of the Ilia State University carries out research projects supported by national and international science foundations in the following areas:

1. Digital Humanities: Computational Linguistics, Digital Epigraphy and Digital Prosopography; 
2. Georgian Sign Language Studies;
3. Typological study of the Kartvelian languages; electronic documentation;
4. Textology; study/publication of Old Georgian verbal heritage;
5. Social history of the Georgian language;
6. Georgian as a second language and issues relating to the standardization of Georgian as a foreign language for textbook development;
7. Study, translation and publication of medieval and modern Georgian and European records.

The Institute incorporates the Sign Language Laboratory, the Kartvelian Languages Research Group and the Georgian Language Workshop.

Contact details:
➳ 3/5 Kakutsa Cholokashvili Avenue Tbilisi 0162, Georgia Ilia State University
Room F 314

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