Ongoing Research

Ongoing Research

1. Between East and West: Iranian and French authors on 19th-century Georgia

2. Contemporary Middle East (electronic journal)

3. Aspects of Turkish-Georgian linguistic relations and literary studies

4. Byzantine-Georgian relations

5. Relations between Georgia and the countries of the Middle East in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period

6. Georgian-Russian-English-Persian Economic Dictionary

7. Ethnic identity of Pontic tribes inhabiting the kingdom of Egrisi

8. The Corpus of ancient Aramaic inscriptions (linguistic-paleographic study)

9. The fundamental landmarks and sources of the bases of Persian languages – Part 2 (Conclusive stage of updating and enriching the primary completed database of the large academic Persian-Georgian dictionary, including case studies, sources and other monuments)

10. Semitic Philology matters in the Georgian cultural and historical context

11. Georgian-Iranian relations (history, politics, culture, and science)

12. Georgian-English Annotated Dictionary of Linguistic Terms

13. Kurds and Yazidis in the census of the Russian Empire, Soviet Union and the post-Soviet countries

14. Kartvelology (Journal)


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