What is Argus?

Argus is an electronic system designed for the students of Ilia State in order to aid them in the planning of their study process. 

Functions and Deadlines

Argus gives you an opportunity to select your courses. This ‘selection’ mode is active one week prior to the start of each semester through the first two week of courses.

The selection period allows you to receive information about:

  • Electronic materials for the courses that offer them
  • Midterm and final course grades
  • Accumulated credits
  • Financial responsibilities
  • University News
  • Course Schedule

You will have full access to:

  • The structure of every program 
  • The syllabi of offered courses
  • The study materials for offered courses

You can also:

  • Receive personal notifications
  • Write and send notifications

Argus is active in the ‘information’ mode all year. For more information refer to the attached file. 


Contact Information
Chief Administrator: Irina Bazgadze
Room E214, E215

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