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Sustainable Natural and Forest Resources Management (MBA)


Our Master Studies in Sustainable Natural and Forest Resources Management (MBA) focus on developing the student’s basic knowledge in the fields of natural and forest resources (land and soils, water resources, climate, vegetation, wildlife), their assessment, sustainable utilization, management and protection. They also involve developing the student’s communicational and social science knowledge and skills, with regard to fields such as policies, bioresources management, public relations, economics, human resources and project management. At the end of the 1st semester the student chooses between two different specializations: ‘Operations’ or ‘Organizational Management and Policies’ which will require taking different subjects.

The scope of study covers disciplines related to managing our forest and non-forest bioresources, incl. project management, sustainable management and certification and wildlife management, hunting and fishing, GIS and Spatial Analysis, Land and Forest Ecosystem Assessment. One specialization, ‘Operations’, focuses on field practitioner’s subjects such as Forest Inventory, Planning and Monitoring, Silviculture and Forest Protection, Forest Operations, Forest Bioenergy, Timber and Non-Timber Products and Processing. In the specialization ‘Organizational Management and Policies’ the student studies subjects such as Economics of Natural and Forest Resources, Regional, Landscape and Watershed Planning and Management, Environmental Impact Assessment, Protected Area Policies and Management, PR, Media and Guest/Tourist Management as well as Environmental Education.

Master of Business Administration graduates will be prepared to successfully work and contribute to ministries and governmental agencies related to natural resources and the environment, in local authorities, NGO, national and international organizations, as independent entrepreneurs and of course in the private businesses in the most diverse fields of environmental management.

Applicants for MBA studies will have to prove B1-level proficiency in English language, as this course of study involves a high portion of subjects offered in English language and/or by foreign Professors.

Leading professors
Prof. David Tarkhnishvili
Coord. Chair Dr. Joachim Puhe
Institute of Ecology 
Ilia State University 


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