School of Arts and Sciences ILIA STATE UNIVERSITY



Aim of the programme is to:

  • equip students with an extensive knowledge of the landmarks of world history, as well as paramount cultural and mental systems of the past;
  • develop their ability to critically analyze and comprehend events in the context of Georgian History, as well as the world history;
  • provide them with general knowledge in related fields, such as art studies, archeology as well as theoretical disciplines, and in this way broaden their horizons;
  • enable students to get basic knowledge of old classical languages so that they can search for and read historical sources in original;

In the event of majoring in history, graduates will have:

  • knowledge of landmarks of the world history, as well as different cultural and mental systems;
  • profound knowledge of the History of Georgia with the regard to the region of Caucasus and the civilizations with which it was related historically;
  • skills to read and comprehend historiographical texts and sources in native language, as well as old classical languages;
  • knowledge of different historical research, methods and approaches;
  • basic knowledge in general subjects which serves development of general skills and competencies;

Teaching Methodology:

lectures and discussions, group works, distance (electronic) learning, meetings with historians, and public discussions.

Career Opportunities:

graduates can be employed in: the field of education, mass media, archives, libraries, museums, tourism, public sector, public register, as well as non-governmental sector.

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