School of Arts and Sciences ILIA STATE UNIVERSITY



The aim of the programme is:

to develop students’ skills and enable them to hold text and discourse analysis, as well as critically evaluate and discuss different historical or archeological sources, literary works, fine art paintings, theatrical performances, masterpieces of cinema, and linguistic units in the cultural and historical context, as well as comment on them, interpret and translate them.

In the event of majoring in archeology, graduates will obtain the skills to:

  • excavate and study different archeological sites, such as caves, settlements, necropolis by employing different archeological methods;
  • fixate archeological sites (measuring, getting coordinates, photo fixation, description, etc.)
  • subject laboratory findings to laboratory tests (describing artifacts, their categorization, etc.)
  • employ interdisciplinary research methods (geological, paleontological, anthropological, etc.) when working on archeological sites;
  • participate in different archeological projects by observing the safety or security norms.

Career Opportunities:

graduates can be employed in: state, public and private sectors, as well as involved in archeological projects and in the fields of the protection of cultural heritage and museum exhibits.



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