School of Arts and Sciences ILIA STATE UNIVERSITY

Liberal Arts


Language: Georgian

The aim of the programme:

The programme aims to equip students with extremely extensive knowledge of life sciences, social, education sciences and humanities, as well as to prepare them for different career paths. Within the programme, students will gain wide knowledge enabling them to become very sophisticated professionals, dignified citizens of Georgia and democratic society with well-developed critical thinking skills and ability to question different viewpoints surrounding them.
Students’ readiness to be part of this programme is measured by their willingness to raise different questions, participate in discussions, express their opinions and corroborate them with arguments. Within the framework of this programme, motivated students can unlock their potential and prepare to specialize in different professional fields by discovering new theoretical and practical skills in themselves.
The basic bachelor’s degree module of this programme aims to help students develop oral and written communication skills, the ability to analyze different issues, give arguments, evaluate and resolve these issues in a creative manner, as well as the ability to work effectively within the team.

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