School of Arts and Sciences ILIA STATE UNIVERSITY

Graphic Design and Practical Design


Bachelor’s degree programme: fine and applied arts: easel painting, encaustic (hot wax) paintings; computer design and easel graphics, textile arts and shoe design; interiors and exteriors monumental painting, ceramics, and artistic glass design, fashion design, iconography, artistic processing of wood and metal, jewelry art (goldsmithery and enamel).

Aim of the programme:

The programme aims to teach students not only one field of art but all related or interconnected fields. In addition, mastering analytical aspects of different fields and the development of creative skills are also strenuously sought.

The programme is focused on building the student’s skills to develop ideas, concepts and projects, as well as abstract reasoning and aesthetic taste; 

Easel painting and encaustic

  • The programme aims to:
  • introduce students with various types of easel paintings as well as the technique to create their own works in any genre of easel painting;
  • teach students to produce exclusive works by using encaustic waxes or paints and taking into account specific features of the material at hand.
  • familiarize students with historic, social, geographical, ethic and critical aspects of easel painting.

Computer design and easel graphics

The programme aims to:

  • teach students different programmes of computer design, such as Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Adobe Indesign, 3D MAX, as well as the skills to work with the programme;
  • familiarize students with distinctive compositional characteristics of easel graphics, and help them learn the technique of handling drawing materials and their uses, as well as present them with historical, sociological, geographical, ethnic and two critical aspects of easel and applied graphics.

Textile Arts and Shoe Design

The programme aims to teach and introduce students with:

  • different types of textile design batik, shibori techniques, tapestry, carpets, etc., as well as familiarize them with different tools, materials and their uses.
  • shoe construction methods and techniques, types of shoes, shoe numbering systems, as well as working with different materials, both, natural and synthetic, etc.
  • historical, social, geographical and critical aspects of textile and shoe designs.

Interior and Exterior Monumental Painting, Ceramics and Artistic Glass Design

The programme aims to teach students:

  • compositional characteristics and principal rules of monumental painting, as well as techniques of using different materials for creating monumental paintings;
  • specific characteristics of interior and exterior design, their creation principles and rules, as well as the techniques to work with special computer programme called Archi CAD.
  • traditions and latest methods of monumental ceramic art and specific compositional laws, as well as different materials and their uses.
  • Different types of artistic glass, working materials and production regime, as well as the methods to work with a kiln and safety rules.

Fashion Design

The programme aims to teach students:

  • making sketches of clothes for any type of exclusive set of clothes, pattern making and cutting techniques and producing patterns of any type;
  • historic stages  of the development of European and Georgian costumes.

Iconography, Artistic Processing of Wood and Metal

The programme aims to teach students to:

  • create the icons of all types in accordance with the canon and the corresponding technological principles.
  • design the pieces of metal work employing a variety of appropriate techniques.
  • master various techniques of wood carving, design and manufacture exclusive pieces of wooden artwork by adhering to the technological processes and security rules.
  • design various types of buildings using the architectural software called ArchiCAD.

Jewelry art (goldsmithery and enamel)

The programme aims to introduce students with:

  • various types of goldsmithery, as well as technological processes and methods to produce them;
  • different types of enamel arts, working with necessary tools, their uses and technological and security rules to work with a kiln;
  • the technique of designing and manufacturing of small sculptures of various types and functions by using the appropriate materials and tools.

Teaching Methodology:

lectures, practical works, group works, individual work with individual students, homework, independent works, and discussions.

Employment Opportunities:

The graduates can be employed in:

Different types of enterprises, advertising business, different design companies, editorial offices and publishing houses, mass media outlets, shoe manufacturing industries and textile enterprises, fashion houses, building companies, private and state enterprises, jewelry salons, factories, etc.


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