School of Arts and Sciences ILIA STATE UNIVERSITY



Language: Georgian

The programme aims to equip students with wide knowledge of music in general; however, in the event that students choose one particular field, such as electroacoustic and computer music, ethnomusicology, composition, modern popular genres: jazz, pop, keyboard art, or music and modernity, the programme will give students comparatively profound knowledge by teaching them the art of music in a wide historical, sociological, philosophical, esthetic and analytical context, as well as giving them a solid, academic basis and introducing them to theoretical basics of music areas, primary principles and research methods. In addition, the programme helps students comprehend music as a multidisciplinary, international and multicultural form of art, as well as develop their creativity and analytical reasoning skills. Furthermore, the programme also aims to make music available to large number of students, as well as to those who lack formal music education.

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