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Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA - Management, Tourism)

Why to choose Business Administration Bachelor Program at Ilia State University?

  • Ilia State University School of Business is No 1 study destination of Georgian freshmen since 2015
  • Internship possibilities in various public entities and private enterprises
  • Graduates are familiar with main theories and concepts, as well as modern management approaches and practical aspects of management to solve the problems of the 21st century
  • Ilia State University offers modern facilities, excellent library and vibrant student life
  • Our students have an opportunity to spend exchange semester in more than 30 European universities within Erasmus + program.

The bachelor's program in Business Administration at Ilia State University is designed for international students who get degree to compete for the jobs of today and tomorrow by building a comprehensive base of knowledge. This major prepares professionals for a variety of positions in for-profit, nonprofit, and public-sector organizations globally. The program aims to prepare business administration professionals equipped with up-to-date knowledge and entrepreneurial skills in one managerial area (management, tourism). The program helps its students to develop competence in application of business management tools, business communication one of them, for effective performance in modern global business environment.

Program Duration is 8 Semesters (240 credits) and the graduates have opportunity to acquire minor specialization along with the core one. The structure of the program consists of general module - 60 credits, core specialization (major) - 120 credits, minor - 60 credits.

Academic Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration in Management (BBA in Management)
                               or Bachelor of Business Administration in Tourism (BBA in Tourism)

Entry requirements:
•High school certificate or equivalent
•English language certificate (equivalent to B2 level)
Application documents:
•High school certificate or equivalent
•English language certificate (equivalent to B2 level)


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