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Business Administration


Type of University Entrance Examination and registration procedure:
Candidates undergo registration at building/block E of the Ilia State University. The list of documents required at registration, will be presented on the university webpage when admissions start.

Electronic résumés are sent to the e-mail address:

An essay/motivation letter and a case in the English language are also required. The requirements to construct an essay and all the additional information will be presented on the website when admissions start.

Conferred academic degree:
Educational Direction:                             Academic Degree
Management                                                 Master of Business Administration in Management
Banking and Finance                                    Master of Business Administration in Banking and  
Tourism Management                                   Master of Business Administration in Tourism

Brief Description

The programme aims to
The programme aims to produce highly qualified professionals with the ability to focus on the modern business environment and its increasing requirements, professionals with a profound systematic theoretical, empirical and practical knowledge, who will:

  • act as a reliable independent expert when assessing the management and effectiveness of a company/organization;
  • identify, study and come up with innovative methods and approaches to solve complex business issues;
  • become a worthy member of a team of the company/organization and will strive to bring success to their team and the company/organization in our day-to-day multidisciplinary environment.

Occupational Fields
Graduates can be offered a management position in private and public companies/organizations.

Contact Details
Business School
➳0162,Tbilisi,Kakutsa Cholokhashvili ave. 3/5, room: E 302
☏ (995 32) 222 00 09
Contact: Tamar Takhaishvili

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