MBA (Eng)


For International Students:

Admission process and the  admission exam can be arranged online for international applicants. 

Academic Degree: Master of Business Administration

The Aim of the Program
The aim of the program is to prepare high caliber professionals with up-to-date knowledge and skills in business administration to operate confidently and expertly within the rapidly changing local and international business environment.  Equipped with in-depth theoretical insights , modern cutting-edge tools and effective administrative skills  program graduate will be able to:

  • act as a reliable, independent expert in administrative   processes related to  designing a strategy for a business company/organization, its evaluation and development; 
  • employ modern research methods to identify problems in the field of business administration, specify innovative ways for their effective solution  by applying efficient principles of informed decision-making; ;
  • perform as  an effective team player  to tackle complex challenges identified  in multidisciplinary business environment;

Places of Employment

Programme graduates can be employed in private and public sector in different fields of business administrationon national and international level and occupy middle or top  managerial positions. They can also perform as independent field experts or members of think-tanks. 

Contact Details
Business School
➳ 0162, Tbilisi, Kakutsa Cholokhashvili ave. 3/5,
room: E 302
☏ (995 32) 222 00 09 (181)
Contact: Tamar Takhaishvili

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