About Us

About Us

Ilia State University was founded in 2006, as a result of the unification of 6 different academic institutes with long and varied histories.  Currently, Ilia State University is one of the leading research and educational institutions in Georgia.  Ilia State represents a special connection between students and professors – a multifunctional educational and scientific institution where the joint work of professors, students, researchers and instructors creates a unified space for higher education and research.

This productive, unified, space is based on three basic principles:   

  • Academic Freedom;
  • Freedom of Conscience;
  • Freedom of Choice;

These principles issue from each other and determine each other: Students, instructors, researchers and professors are free to choose areas of study and research, as well at their direction, co-workers, and supervisors. No one has the right to forbid the students, professors, researchers, and instructors, the study of any particular topic or the publication of scientific findings, based on political or moral objections. Students and professors are free to choose any transparent and responsible forms of self-governance, which they belive to be best for the advancement of their union - the university – and its common goals. 


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